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The food processing and food production industries require specialist commercial freezing systems to operate on a continual, production line basis. These are known in the trade as spiral freezers, and they will allow food producers to;

Freeze food products individually, or in set batchesAdjust airflow and belt / conveyor speeds to allow increased freezing speeds depending on the production/cost requirements.Reduce product weight loss during the freezing processEnsure the product is frozen quicklyEnsure the product is frozen consistentlyEnsure the quality of the product is not impaired during the freezing process.


Spiral freezers operate using a mechanical conveyor system to pass food through a continuous freezing process. Their construction will depend on the specific installation, but they can be a particularly good choice where floor space is restricted as they utilize vertical space better than many other floor space-hungry conveyor systems.

MIDWEST’s Spiral Freezer has been designed to provide food manufacturers with freezing equipment that’s high on efficiency and low on maintenance costs. Rest assured it’s been built with a long established and proven mechanical freezing technology.

The construction of the conveyor system is such that the products are evenly fed directly onto the freezer belt, and quickly transported to the low temperature-freezing zone. The Midwest Spiral Freezer is a single drum concept where the food products travelling on the belt spiral from down to up, along the rotating drum until they are gently discharged.The air-flow, Stainless steel evaporator Coil used as the refrigerating medium in the refrigeration system are devised to facilitate fast product freezing within minimum retention time, minimise product weight loss with low dehydration. Also maximum hygiene is maintained with gentle handling of food products thus promising product quality.


Customizing a Midwest Spiral Freezer:

While designing the Midwest Spiral freezer emphasis has been laid on flexibility of the equipment such that each machine can be specified to comply exactly with customer requirements and offer ultimate flexibility to the production manager. This flexibility is not limited to the choice of belt width, type or effective belt length but also applies to the specification of materials, designation of the scope of supply and installation too.

In the single drum system, both the internal and external surfaces of the drum and the framework assemblies are constructed in stainless steel for hygiene and greater durability. In the smaller spiral freezer, the drum assembly is a welded construction and therefore delivered as a complete unit. Centrally mounted gearboxes are used to reduce maintenance and improve hygiene.

Optional belt washing equipment can be provided from the offset or retro fitted at a later date.

Freezer Specifications:

Model Spiral Freezer SF-12- 08-MB- 300-NS- UT
Configuration Straight
No. of Drums 1 only (up drum)
No. of Tiers 12
Effective Belt Width 300 mm
Belt Type Spiralox Direct Drive
Belt Infeed Height 720 mm (from basement floor)
Belt Outfeed (mm) 2220 mm (from basement floor)
Maximum Product Height 80 mm
Tier Pitch 125mm
Enclosure Length 4600 mm
Enclosure Width 2760 mm
Enclosure Height 2600 mm

Refrigeration Requirements:

Suction Temp at Evap -40°C
Capacity Required 40 kW
Refrigerant R-717

Product Specification:

Product Description Indian Samosa
Product Dimensions 50 x 50 x 45 mm (H)
Weight 45 gm
Pre-treatment Par Fry
Capacity 2,00 kg/hr
Design Retention Time 40 minutes
Maximum Infeed Temp -45°C
Equalised Outfeed Temp -18°C


Voltage 3-Phase 415 Volts / 50 Hz
Voltage 1-Phase 220 Volts / 50 Hz
Control Voltage 24 Volts
Operator’s Interface Allen – Bradley
PLC Unit : Allen – Bradley
Evaporator Fans (3) In-line Direct Drive Axial.

2.0 kW Motor
Main Drive Motor 1.0 kW, 415V/3Ph/50Hz/4-Pole/IP 56
Take-Up Drive Motor Not Required