About us

Midwest Food Technology

The Midwest Food Technology manufacturing facility is located in Pune, Maharashtra- India.

The facility houses a state-of- the-art stainless steel metal fabrication processor, machine shop, specialized surface treatment facility and in-house control panel testing specifically designed for freezing applications.

One of our primary motives is to produce the most economical and dependable freezers that is customized to suit individual customer requirements. In order to achieve this we manufacture most of our components in-house, to ensure our product is designed in line with our said objectives.

Core Team/The Trio

Amit Kadam

An expert in all things design and Production, Amit Kadam brings his rich vein of experience that

spans over 21 years in the industry. Under his professional mentorship, and superior product and

industry knowledge Midwest technology has been placed at the fore front in the realm of freezing

and chilling solutions.

Abhay Anand

Abhay Anand is a master when it comes to technical support and customer handling. His remarkable

accomplishments and invaluable expertise, knowledge and technical knowhow has made Abhay an

integral part of the core team. His ability to play dual roles to perfection is a big reason for the

smooth and efficient functioning of all processes at Midwest.

Pradeep Chandran

Pradeep is second to none in our core team of 3 and lends his expertise in technical support as well

as in the capacity of process expert. He too brings with him a vast experience of 21 years in the

industry which makes for the perfect foil for Midwest Technology to produce some of its best

equipments under his professional expertise.


Midwest has set its eyes on becoming the industry standard when it comes to the Spiral Freezer. Our goal is to cater to even the small and medium scale dustries and their freezing needs which vary dramatically from customer to customer. Hence our vision has always been to include high flexibility and optimum customization options in all our machines, depending upon customer needs.


At Midwest Technologies our mission is produce high quality freezing and chilling machines at low cost. We also aim at not just superior process equipment but all the while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene throughout the production process.